Dead End Drivers – “One Way Out”

By on June 28, 2014


Album: One Way Out

Band: Dead End Drivers

Label: LadyLake Music

Run Time: 5 Tracks – 18:16

Band Website:

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation


Today I have the pleasure of reviewing the rock band Dead End Drivers from Littleton, Colorado; a solid band that puts #ExtraBacon into the rock scene and their music. I highly advise following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook as they are interactive and just plain fun on social media.

Now let us begin on Dead End Driver’s album One Way Outwhich you can buy here.

Track 1: My Backyard (3:00)

Lyrics by: John P. Severin

Immediately I am reminded of the alternative rock wave that hit the 1990s and how much the ‘90s rock scene positively altered the way rock music is played today. Strong vocals, incredible guitar licks and meaningful lyrics abound in “My Backyard”, just like you would find in many alternative rock bands’ songs in the ‘90s. “My Backyard” fits in tremendously today’s rock world as well as it would fit in the ‘90s rock world.

Track 2: The Cowboy Song (3:41)

Lyrics by: John P. Severin

If you are a fan of songs that tell stories, then “The Cowboy song” would definitely be your favorite song on One Way Out. The Dead End Drivers take us on a more American-Western sounding tune (without sounding Country) in “The Cowboy Song” as the “Cowboy” ventures from town to town witnessing gorgeous gals and horrible thugs. After being seen with one of these gorgeous gals, the Cowboy flees from the thugs (as the gorgeous gal is one of the thugs’ wives) to Mexico. The song sadly ends with our Cowboy being caught in Taos after “one hell of a fight.” “The Cowboy Song” is a fun, story-telling song that showcases America’s romantic side of the West and the perils of sleeping with a thug’s wife.

Photo Credit: Julie Schroeder

Photo Credit: Julie Schroeder

Track 3: Save Me (3:49)

Lyrics by: Ian Tyson, Luke Hubka

The sheer airy feeling of “Save Me” makes for a wonderful tune; then you add in the dreamy, yet morose, lyrics, and the brilliant guitar playing, and “Save Me” becomes the perfect song for an Indie film. I love this song. It resonates with my lovey-dovey side because I love love, and I feel that it would resonate with any and all listeners that have been in challenging relationships/friendships.

I could easily see “Save Me” being the feature song on an Oscar-nominated Indie film.

Track 4: First Time In A Long Time (4:05)

Lyrics by: Ian Tyson, Luke Hubka

There are so many great qualities in this song. The guitar riffs, the lyrics, the pace of the entire song, and the elements of a love song, but it kept feeling like the song was building up to something. That “something” never arrived, aside from another terrific guitar solo.

This could be more on the reviewer expecting “something” than the Dead End Drivers delivering that “something” because I am guilty of sometimes listening to formulaic rock/metal music. Typically the formulaic songs will have a build up and it will lead up to something. I consider it a nice change of pace that “First Time In A Long Time” did not deliver the formulaic result.

Track 5: Without You (3:41)

Lyrics by: Ian Tyson, Luke Hubka


I fucking love it! Dead End Drivers know what rock is about and “Without You” is another shining example of them demonstrating it. “Without You”, like “Save Me”, plays into me being a fan of love, so it also has that working for it. Yet “Without You” has the more impressive overall rock-sound compared to “Save Me.”

“Without You”, again like “Save Me”, would be perfect for an indie film. Hell, it would fit perfectly in The Fault in Our Stars!

As I stated above for “The First Time In A Long Time”, the Dead End Drivers don’t stick to a formula that gives you the same results. Sure, redundancy gives you the nice comfort of knowing what you’re going to expect, but redundancy also hinders the actual rock of rock music and it just becomes boring. The Dead End Drivers are not boring by a long shot. They are great musicians, stupendous storytellers, and, most of all, relatable with their music.

Overall Rating of One Way Out: 9 / 10

You can catch the Dead End Drivers:

July 5 & 6

Venue: Chair 9 outdoor stage at Little Nells Luxury Hotel (Aspen, Colorado)

MusicMunch Management and Belly Up are presenting Dead End Drivers at Chair 9 in Aspen Colorado. By winter this Après Ski bar is full of skiers after a hard day on the slopes. By summer Chair 9 opens up the outdoor stage at the base of Ajax Mountain and fills the air with rocking music. Aspen remains one of Colorado’s premier mountain resorts. It’s here that Dead Ends Drivers will be featured over the 4th of July weekend, July 5th and 6th.

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