Luke Bryan Kicks the Dust Up

By on July 30, 2015

Luke Bryan Indy Tour Stop

Photography by Kurt Anno


Luke Bryan is just about as big a deal as it gets right now on the music scene. I don’t mean just Country Music or New Country or whatever they are calling it these days. The 20,000-plus fans at Klipsch Music Center call it down right entertaining. And my, are they a dedicated fan base. Talking with a couple of the crew, this was the small version of their show. Backstage I counted 13 tractor-trailers and 6 or 7 tour buses that were identical save for the color. I was told that at the stadium shows there are up to thirty semis in tow, transporting a massive stage and light rig. It is evident based on the reaction of the fans when Bryan took the stage, that this was a performer that can sell out those big stadiums and do it several nights in row. Bryan almost prowls the stage and is all over the place. It’s as if he wants to touch each person in the crowd. You get the idea of why this guy is so popular. He exudes warmth, excitement and from what I am told is a decent looking guy. But he can actually sing. He can flat out grab a crowd, no matter the size. By all accounts Bryan is s genuinely a nice guy. He is thrilled that he and his wife are raising his late sister’s children. Bryan’s charitable work is well documented and it is that warmth, that sensitivity that seems to draw Country fans to him. Whatever the reason, his fans have a lot to smile about.

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