Backstreet Boys, Woodlands, REVIEW and PHOTOS

By on September 2, 2013

Backstreet Boys, In A World Like This Tour – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Woodlands Texas August 31st, 2013

Review by Esmeralda Ramirez-Pena

0605Even from the parking lot of the Cynthia Woods Mitchel pavilion, one could get a sense of the excitement and anticipation for the BSB In a world like this tour from the crowds of people holding colorful posters, and wearing BSB t-shirts making their way in. Although the crowd composition was predominantly women, what was surprising is the wide range of age groups from early 20’s to late 50’s and entire families. These were the faithful fans that helped BSB launch their careers into stardom, the top of the charts, and pack the venue to full capacity.

Fans greeted their beloved boy band with screams of joy to the highest decibels. BSB began the energetic set with “oldies but goodies” as they referred to the classic BSB hits that made them famous. There couldn’t have been a better opener than Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) to set the tone for the entire concert.  Classics like Don’t Want You Back and Incomplete moved the entire crowd to their feet the same way they did in the 90’s. Their matching vintage baby blue suits, black collar shirts, synchronized dance moves, and electrifying energy gave the starry eyed fans an applauded ride down memory lane. As Nick casually unbuttoned his shirt and excited screaming fans, he greeted Houston with warmth and recognition of the great past memories.

BSB not only transport the fans to the happy place of the past but also to the promising future with many new songs from the current album In a World Like This such as Permanent Stain, Breathe, and Madeleine. The songs from the new album elegantly demonstrate the evolution of BSB with beautiful acoustic harmony, and lyrics dedicated to their own children, as well as victims of bullying. Songs like these merged the old and new generations of fans to party together.  After wardrobe changes to a more urban look and reminiscent of the fashion forward boy band charm, In a world like this made the old and new fans dance, scream and swoon.

BSB engaged the crowd with hip thrusts, sharp dance moves, and flirtatious smiles almost as though time hadn’t past them. They joked around and recognized that perhaps 20 years from now they may not look as sexy or be able to dance as well so they offered an instrumental set with acoustic guitars, soulful voices, and keyboard accompaniment showcasing their musical talent.  They reminded us that they are more than just a boy band that we can have faith in their talent to keep us dancing for many years to come. Clearly, fans don’t have to worry about deteriorating dance abilities any time soon as they concluded the 22 song concert and double encore with You are My Fire and Larger Than Life. Backstreet is definitely back and here to stay.

Photography by Sam Li



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