The 10 Best Albums Of 2013 – #6 Haim – Days Are Gone

By on December 28, 2013

OnStage Magazine Presents: The 10 Best Albums of 2013


#6 Haim – Days Are Gone


Haim - Days Are GoneDepending on your current attitude towards music, Haim either made the best pop album of 2013 or the worst, the fact that Days Are Gone reached a point where that differentiation is necessary explains why this album deserves the number six spot.

Commercial success is a dangerous barometer of quality yet in similar fashion as Florence and the Machine, Haim seem to have earned it with talent, be it a talent rooted in recreating 80’s soundtrack music, talent none the less. Each track seems to accomplish every aspiration you could hope for from a great pop album; ambiguously introspective lyrics, confident yet resigned delivery, having an effect where while listening you barely even notice that you are already tapping your foot before fully committing to the whole.

You want to ignore them, you want to write it off, but you can’t, it is like growing up and hearing your parents play Fleetwood Mac and thinking, “man, these guys are terrible,” and then one day you are having friends over and putting on Rumours just so you can talk about how great it is. That is the kind of album Days Are Gone is.

If you want to experience this album under ideal circumstances put on a John Hughes film and after about forty minutes turn the sound off and start up Days Are Gone, it’s a better experience than Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz, you have my word (I haven’t tried it on psychedelics though so the playing field could be a bit more level under different conditions).

Although any Haim track would be perfect to express what is so impressive about these three sisters out of LA my three favorites are “Running If You Call My Name,” “Honey & I,” and “Falling,” those are the ones which stir my teenage heart from a long dormant slumber.

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