Birdy Set to Soar this Spring

By on February 18, 2014


Birdy made her US debut in fall 2013 with EP, "BREATHE."

English singer-songwriter Birdy made her U.S. debut last fall with EP, “BREATHE.”

I still remember the moment I discovered Birdy. It’s one of those things you don’t forget, like the first time you went to Disneyland or the first time you ever got drunk. I had fallen in love with a song, as often happens. My appetite for “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver was voracious. I was scouring YouTube for videos when Birdy’s fresh face emerged. A chick singing Skinny Love?, I thought. (I too am a lady.) I was intrigued.

What I encountered struck a chord. Here was a 15-year-old girl with the poise and emotional depth of someone three times her age. Birdy is the kind of gal who will make you believe in reincarnation. Because there’s no way she could do what she does after such a brief existence. Her presence is natural, understated, ethereal, and yet she commands attention. Delicately haunting are the words that come to mind. I can’t keep my ears or eyes away.

Two years since “Skinny Love” went viral (bird flu, anyone?), Birdy has released two more videos and a recording of the song. The first video has accrued a stunning 55 million views. The second, which just came out last month in tandem with director Sophie Muller (Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, Beyoncé), has already drawn hundreds of thousands of plays. The song also went 5x plat in Australia.

But Birdy is far from a one trick pony. The world may have fallen in love with this song, but the love hasn’t stopped there. Her self-titled debut album shot to top spot in several countries, and singles such as “1901,” “Shelter,” and “People Help the People” have struck gold and platinum in Europe and beyond. Birdy’s music has been featured in blockbusters such as The Hunger Games and Brave, the latter of which earned her a GRAMMY nod for her collaboration with Mumford & Sons. The European songstress is a current contender for the BRIT Awards’ “British Female Solo Artist.”

Birdy, who was born Jasmine van den Bogaerde and hails from Hampshire, England, recently made her US debut with her EP, BREATHE. Her widely anticipated sophomore album FIRE WITHIN will hit shores later this year. This second collection will be an ode to Birdy’s inner world, highlighting her original songwriting in collaboration with studio veterans Rich Costey, Ryan Tedder, Jim Abiss, Dan Wilson, Ariel Rechtshaid, and Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett.

This spring, Birdy will be traveling alongside Atlantic label mate Christina Perri for her first ever North American tour, Head or Heart. She will grace 32 cities in 8 weeks, reaching more fans than ever before. The adventure begins April 4th in Denver.

Child prodigies seem a dime a dozen these days. But only a few have what it takes to believe in their talent, navigate the industry, and build a thriving career. It is this tenacity that lends an artist true staying power. And Birdy is not one I see coming down.

For more about Birdy and her upcoming tour:

For Birdy’s latest music video: Birdy – Skinny Love [Official Video 2014]




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