Gumshen’s new album review

By on March 26, 2014


At first, I was skeptical about the sounds of the band, Gumshen.  Their song “Liquid” begins with sounds that would belong in a video game (if it’s what you’re into, then you’d probably like it.)  As I listened to more of their songs, I could totally see myself enjoying a live show by this four-guy band.  Gumshen’s general sound is a mix of electronic and indie rock; it is sort of dancy too.  Their new album “Progtronica” was released on February 11, 2014.

This Seattle band has actually been around for some time now.  Since 2007, the band worked hard to create new, original music each year.  Since then, the band has released EP’s every single year.  Rich Hinklin, a sound design faculty member at The Art Institute of Seattle, plays bass for the band, and has engineered and mixed the band’s album.  The other band members have notable experience and credits as well; Ron Hippe (keys and guitar) was on broadway and on Northern Exposure; Jan Ciganik (guitarist) played for Ventilator, a band that released an album produced by Welsh producer/musician John Cale.

Gumshen has played alongside Minus the Bear and The Icons.  The band has performed at the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon, Hempfest and The Bite of Seattle.  There haven’t been updates on any upcoming tour dates, but stay tuned; this band would be great to see live!  By the way, I totally dig the new album cover’s artwork.




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