Jimmy Lloyd: Champion of Up and Coming Musicians

By on November 11, 2013


JLSS_Logo_It’s not easy for musicians trying to get a toehold in the music industry these days and any songwriter who is out there trying to “make it” recognizes that one of their biggest obstacles is generating attention for themselves and their music. Jimmy Lloyd, executive producer and host of The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase TV show, knows about this personally. In 2008, Jimmy was an unknown singer-songwriter just trying to make a name for himself when he came up with a fairly brilliant idea that he has since executed on very successfully.

The JLSS is a nationally-syndicated music performance and interview program that began airing on NBC in New York City in late 2009 and later went national. The show is based around the idea that quality heartfelt songwriting has an audience and a market in an age of over hyped pop songs often written by committee.

Lloyd re-counted for me how it all started. He had a plan to make a music video for a novelty song he wrote which he felt would be accessible enough to go viral in the context of an untried strategy he came up with. Once the video was ready, Lloyd deluged the Craigslist job boards across the country with attention-grabbing ads about fictitious reality show casting calls. The ads proved effective in that a lot people saw them and ultimately clicked on them AND the link to his video within the ad… which in turn caused it to go viral. About two months after its posting, the video drew the attention of an NBC executive who promptly emailed Jimmy about it which in turn laid the foundation for a relationship giving birth to The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase.

Lloyd stated in an ASCAP.com interview that “the entire premise for this show is to effectively gain exposure for the music on behalf of the songwriters we feature.”

Jimmy has since expanded his show to include live events. So far he’s produced three large concerts at the Highline Ballroom in New York City and has plans to continue to grow his events platform in to other markets, including Nashville and Los Angeles in particular. According to Lloyd, “We intend to include artists of higher levels of name recognition and those who are also on the cusp of breaking, thus allowing The JLSS to reiterate it’s curatorial focus on bringing attention in a credible manner to those artists and songwriters most deserving of our platform and distribution.”

The JLSS has some other interesting developments too. Paul Pesco, former musical director for Daryl Hall and John Oates and for Hall’s popular TV show, “Live From Daryl’s House” (LFDH) will now be working closely with Jimmy and the show.

Jimmy told me that “Paul is a well known session guy. He’s very successful, respected, established, and is trusted in the industry and it’s great that a person of his stature is interested in being a part of our show moving forward.”

Recently the JLSS signed a sizable online syndication deal with Mefeedia.com which has increased the reach of his content and online audience exponentially.

There’s lots going on with Jimmy Lloyd so make sure to visit Jimmy’s web page, “like” his Facebook Page, and follow him on Twitter.

This is a video of Jimmy singing “You’re With The Good Guys Now.” And then take a look at the JLSS when the Sheepdogs appeared.



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