Lenny Kravitz Debuts New Single “The Chamber”

By on June 23, 2014
Photo Credit: Carlos Delgado

Photo Credit: Carlos Delgado

NEW YORK, NY- June 23, 2014- Lenny Kravitz has announced the release of “The Chamber,” the first single off his highly anticipated tenth studio album Strut. The new album will be available for pre-order on iTunes starting TOMORROW, June 24th with “The Chamber” provided as an instant gratis track. In addition, the artist has released the album’s cover art, as well as exclusive album details including the track listing and a lyric video for “The Chamber,” which is premiering on Vevo today, and can be seen below. Lenny Kravitz has also announced details of the first leg his world tour, which will kick off October 22nd in Moscow, Russia at Crocus City Hall (Please see full tour routing below). Tickets for the 40-city tour of Europe, the UK and Russia begin to go on sale starting on Friday, June 27th.

Kravitz’s tenth studio album Strut will be released on September 23rd 2014 via Roxie Records/ Kobalt Label Services. The album is a real rock & roll record that hits hard rhythmically and explores desire in all its forms, from the most physical to the most idealized. The release’s twelve songs (see full track listing below) includes such titles as “New York City,” “I Never Want to Let You Down” and “She’s a Beast.”

“This record brought me back to a place of what I love so much about music,” Lenny Kravitz says, “back to the feelings I had when I was in high school. It’s a real rock & roll record – it’s raw, it’s got soul and it came together really quickly.”

As always, Kravitz plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums and percussion on the album, and produced and arranged it as well. To provide the final defining touch on Strut, however, Kravitz called on the legendary Bob Clearmountain to mix the album (David Bowie’s Let’s Dance, the Rolling Stones’ Tattoo You and Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A.)

The track listing for Strut is as follows:

1. Sex

2. The Chamber

3. Dirty White Boots

4. New York City

5. The Pleasure and the Pain

6. Strut

7. Frankenstein

8. She’s a Beast

9. I’m a Believer

10. Happy Birthday

11. I Never Want To Let You Down

12. Ooo Baby Baby

Here is the lyric video for “The Chamber”:

[youtube id=”3ATxLct2jDo” width=”620″ height=”360″]


Oct. 22nd                               Moscow, Russia                           
Nov. 1st                                 Minsk, Belarus                            
Nov. 3rd                                Lodz, Poland                                  
Nov. 5th                                Berlin, Germany                         
Nov. 7th                                Frankfurt, Germany                
Nov. 8th                                Stuttgart, Germany                   
Nov. 10th                              Milan, Italy                                   
Nov. 12th                              Austria, Vienna                         
Nov. 13th                              Prague, Czech Rep.                     
Nov. 15th                              Munich, Germany                       
Nov. 16th                              Zurich, Switzerland                 
Nov. 18th                              Oberhausen, Germany             
Nov. 19th                              Amsterdam, Holland               
Nov. 21st                              Antwerp, Belgium                     
Nov. 23rd                              Paris, France                                 
Nov. 25th                              Geneva, Switzerland               
Nov. 26th                              Dijon, France                            
Nov. 28th                              Lyon, France                                 
Nov. 30th                              Nice, France                                 
Dec. 1st                                 Marseille, France                       
Dec. 3rd                                 Bordeaux, France                         
Dec. 6th                                 London, UK                                       
Dec. 8th                                 Lille, France                                   
Dec. 9th                                 Lux City, Luxembourg              
Dec. 11th                               Nantes, France                              

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