Love Knows No Genre: A Guide For The Perfect Valentine’s Mix

By on February 14, 2014

It’s never too late to make the perfect Valentine’s mixtape, Onstage is here to help.

I want you to close your eyes for a second and think of that one person who gets your heart to a Saved By The Bell level of excited, now ask yourself this one question; are they worth more than a mixtape filled with Nickelback songs. First off, if the answer is no then delete that number from your phone cause you deserve way better but if they are in fact worth more than Gavin Rossdale lyrics and songs featured on a Michael Bay soundtrack then don’t half-ass it, it’s a rare chance getting to express ourselves through art, go all in. Get a clear idea of what that one thing you want this other person to know, could be a crush, could be an ex, whoever you are wanting to grasp, even so slightly, those pure instinctive emotions they drown you in, that is the sentiment you should lay the songs around.

Remember that at the end of the day Valentine’s Day is actually kinda cheesy, it is perfectly fine for this mix to reflect that, personally I recommend it. I’ve always thought relationships should have a solid dose of fun and self-deprecating humor, maybe that makes me weird, certain songs can help facilitate that.

I’ve thrown together twenty or so songs to help you with the process, I hope you share them like you’ve been holding on to them with excited anticipation for months (that’s kind of the entire goal for us here at OnStage), we’ll keep it a secret that they are a last minute find. After all if we can’t do that then what are friends for?

So you are single? So what. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a couple of bottles of 2012’s finest on this gloriously awful day and making a mixtape for yourself, obviously filled with Pat Benatar and Bonny Tyler songs, for dancing around your apartment in sweats and constantly refreshing the Facebook feed until wearing yourself out to the point you are ready to watch The Notebook on repeat before finding a proper cold tile place to rest your head for the evening. Regardless of how this day turns out stay positive, tomorrow will be better, literally, Valentine’s candy will be half-off.




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