Rock on the Range Day 2 Round-Up

By on May 21, 2014
Photo Credit: Kelsi Rupersburg

Photo Credit: Kelsi Rupersburg

Day 2 of Rock on the Range began on a frigid note.

The temperature had dropped even lower and was eventually coupled with rain that made life slightly more difficult for everyone at Crew Stadium. The Rangers and bands soldiered through, however. The second day headliner was Avenged Sevenfold, but I unfortunately was unable to see them or Slayer because of an unwarranted sore throat that diminished my ability to even enjoy the event. I apologize for being “soft” on Day 2 of Rock on the Range.

Nonetheless, there was enough that I witnessed on Day 2 to report upon.

Pleasant surprise: King 810 (Ernie Ball Stage)

Now I realize King 810 probably would not personally like me calling them a “pleasant surprise”, but that’s what they were to me today. Previously, I had never even heard of them – not a lick – which helped me be objective for their set. Man, it was intensely terrifying – in a hardcore metal way – and not the type of show I would typically go out of my way to attend, but it left a mark on me. King 810 will be a band I won’t soon forget. I could not get a hold of their exact set list, however, so I cannot report officially on what songs were performed by King 810.

“King & Queen” of Rock on the Range: Chris Jericho of Fozzy and Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless

Lead vocalist for the band Fozzy, Chris Jericho, and lead vocalist for the band The Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen, was dubbed the Prom King & Queen for Rock on the Range. It wasn’t just for looks either. Both Jericho and Momsen were stellar performers at each of their respective performances; Momsen in particular is even better live than any of her previous audio I have heard before this performance. Her stage presence was killer as well.

Nothing evil about them: Pop Evil (Monster Main Stage)

Leigh Kakaty wowed the crowd with his stunning vocals and his perfectly straight hair. The most important part of Pop Evil’s set (to many in the crowd) was their tribute to fallen United States military personnel during their song “Trenches.” It was quite the scene to behold as the crowd erupted with praise during and after the tribute to the troops. I will admit I was choked up during the tribute. The cold and the rain did not deter the crowd whatsoever during Pop Evil and other band performances.

Photo Credit: Kelsi Rupersburg

Photo Credit: Kelsi Rupersburg

Not all fans took shelter: Throughout Crew Stadium

When their favorite bands weren’t playing, many Rangers took shelter in and around Crew Stadium to avoid the rain. There were other Rangers, however, that enjoyed the opportunity, albeit a chilly one, to get messy with the mud in the grassy area flanking Crew Stadium. I was unable to get any clear pictures of the fans or even the opportunity to speak to them, but they were having a wonderful time in the mud and rain.

More than just a theory: Rev Theory (Monster Main Stage)

When Rev Theory took the first set of the day on the Monster Main Stage, fans were more than ready to hear from the Massachusetts hard rock band regardless of how miserable the weather was on Day 2. Rev Theory made it worth it for fans to trudge out into the cold and rain by lighting a fire under the crowd’s ass by getting them crowdsurfing and dancing. Rev Theory band members were adamant about giving the fans an entertaining set – and the fans were given one. Fans were storming in at the tail end of Rev Theory’s set, not because of the next act, but because of how well Rev Theory played on the main stage.

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