The 10 Best Albums of 2013 – #10 Night Beds – Country Sleep

By on December 26, 2013

OnStage Magazine Presents: The 10 Best Albums Of 2013

Not much gets me more stoked than end of the year lists, getting to see where everyone stands, what impressed and what we may have missed. We’ve been implementing so many changes on OnStage that dedicating the time and commitment which goes into properly compiling a legitimate list just seemed like it would be a stretch. Not to sound judgmental but I’ve been extremely disappointed looking over the lists of friends, the status-quo seems very pedestrian for 2013 so when Larry asked me if I could put one together before the new year I jumped at the chance. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, that is the brilliance of music; you and I can both have complete opposite convictions and we’re both absolutely right without the other having to be wrong, we each live in our own realities, so for how much it pains me to admit, if someone thinks One-Direction or Fall Out Boy made the greatest album of all time, they are just as correct as anyone else. Sort-of.

If I were more clever I’d follow the open-letter trend and make one out to music writers but instead I will leave this simple thought; just because Kanya and Arcade Fire put out albums should not guarantee they immediately get voted to the top. Just because someone was my best friend in third-grade and we swapped spit and split bff bracelets doesn’t mean I have to stand by once I’ve grown up, maybe people really think Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys put out great albums, right or wrong this is one of the strongest years in music I’ve been blessed to be alive for, why not have that reflected in what you put your name on rather than just mailing it in. So start stretching your fingers, I’m prepared for the negative comments. We will be putting up two albums a day through NYE… to avoid any suspense, the six bands I’ve mentioned thus far did not make the cut .  – Jay


#10 Night Beds – Country Sleep


Night Beds - Country SleepNight Beds garnered much recognition back in February for Country Sleep (Dead Oceans)but, as with most bands who make the mistake of dropping an album between December and March, the onslaught of great music moved it out into our peripherals to sit on the proverbial back-burner. If this had came out in August I wouldn’t have a need for the introduction.

Night Beds is the pop-alt-country moniker of Winston Yellen who does equally as much to fall in the same vein as Youth Lagoon and Phosphorescent as he does to stand-out from it. This is a soundtrack album, every song sounds as if it were meant to be playing in some movie starring Zooey Deschanel and Ryan Gosling; a road trip film most likely about coming to grips with unrequited love and the realization of loss in the face of time.

The most important tracks are “Ramona” if you want an off-the-cuff single, “22” if you’re driving across the night in intimacy, and “You Were Afraid” the closest we’ll get to a Brooklyn acoustic song from a dude in Nashville.

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