ACL: Childish Gambino

By on October 28, 2019

Gives Us the Sendoff of a Lifetime

Headlining the American Express stage both weekends, Childish Gambino  aka Donald Glover was a major highlight during day 2 of the Austin City Limits Festival. He announced to the crowd that it was his last show as “Childish Gambino” after being on the road for two years.

While everyone in the crowd was looking at the stage expecting him to be there, he could be seen and heard, in the middle of the crowd, standing on a platform illuminated with spotlights and disco balls.

The hour and a half show was filled with singing, rapping, dancing, and a crazy amount of audience connection. You could tell that Glover really wanted those connections to be a major part of his show. At one point he jumped off the stage and went to multiple people in the front row of the audience taking selfies on phones, signing albums and merch, and telling a girl how to properly record a video on her phone. His multiple album setlist included many of his hits, including One of his most popular songs, “This Is America,” “Riot,” “Worldstar,” and “Boogieman.” His much-expected encore included the hits: “Sober,” “3005,” “Sweatpants,” and of course, “Redbone.”

With its rise in popularity from memes that were made about “Redbone” it does not surprise me that he closed his show with the song. Glover treated the audience to a special surprise, playing the unreleased song “Human Sacrifice” toward the end of his set. He told the audience he wanted them to listen to that song like it was the first and last time they would ever hear it, and they did. The audience quickly caught on to the lyrics and yelled back the words as he sang amid a sea of cell phones capturing the moment. Gambino gave a mind-blowing performance and it’s one I’ll remember forever.

Childish Gambino by Charles Reagan Hackleman

Childish Gambino By Greg Noire

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