Lady Gaga & Metallica Rally: 59th Grammy Awards

By on February 13, 2017

grammy Gaga James Hetfield MetallicaThis rocking performance, from Lady Gaga and Metallica on last nights 59th Annual Grammy Awards Show is  filled with technical difficulties and snafus but it illustrates why artists like Mariah Carey cannot headline, or maybe even be considered to participate in live, global events any longer. Mariah quite blatantly and obviously dialed in her performance for ABC on New Years Eve this past year, however, that is clearly not the case for this Grammy performance from Lady Gaga and James Hetfield . Part of the charm, appeal, and thrill of a “Live Awards Shows” is the “Live” aspect and there is no doubt Gaga and Hetfield did no backtracking during this set. Even with the issues — the energy and dedication these two display on stage is worth watching.

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