New Music Gear: Radial Gold Digger

By on August 21, 2013

New Music Gear: Radial Gold Digger


Radial Engineering is a company that concentrates on useful tools that audio professionals and musicians need every day. No matter what they come out with, you can be sure that it’s both rugged and will work better than you expected it to. A new box they’ve introduced called the Gold Digger solves a problem that we’ve all had at some point; easily comparing different mics.

The Gold Digger is a mic switcher that allows instant comparison between 4 different mics or direct boxes. Once upon a time in the days of the big consoles with lots of inputs this wasn’t too much of an issue, since you probably had 50 other identical input channels. But in todays world of the home studio with a limited number of great mic preamps, the Gold Digger is perfect for those times when you want to find the best mic for a vocalist (or anything else for that matter) with the least mount of hassle.

Each mic input supplies phantom power and has a trim control so you get a true level comparison quickly and easily. The Gold Digger retails for $349.

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