Music Ties & Binds

By on March 25, 2021

Meet Giorgio Lo Porto an Italian living in London. On February 6, he shared a video of his neighbor playing the piano. The piano is muffled behind their shared wall, but the emotion in the playing and Giorgio’s face speaks volumes.

Giorgio, a pianist himself, left a note for his anonymous neighbor, telling them he loved hearing them play and asking if they would play “My Heart Will Go On.” His neighbor obliged with a soaring and touching rendition of the Titanic Theme Song and in the meantime, a story about kindness and caring emerged.

Real-life isn’t timed like a 30-minute sitcom and not everything ends perfectly tied in a bow, but it’s important to not miss the dance. If you haven’t skipped ahead, this will come as no surprise — Emil passed away on the 23rd of this month but we’re sure his story will go on.

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