Willie Nelson on the ” Road Again”….

By on June 26, 2018

As 85 year old Willie Nelson walked onstage on a beautiful Uncloudy day he stood on his feet for a 1 hour performance with his trusty old guitar named Trigger thats been with him since 1969. With Trigger by his side he sang and played hit after hit.
Hands down he proved to his fans that he’s still not dead again today.
He opened with is 1973 hit Whiskey river which immediately brought the crowd to their feet clapping and singing along.
Willies “little” sister Bobbie who is 2 years older than Willie did her amazing piano rendition of Down yonder and didn’t miss a beat.
The crowd was happy and energetic and excited to sing along as he sang Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.
The young and older crowd stayed on their feet clapping and singing along as he sang On the road again.
He continued to entertain his crowd by throwing out his hats and red bandanas right off his head. His guitar pics were thrown to his fans too.
Wille continued to play new and old songs and the crowd loved it all. He clearly was having a great time and enjoying the Indianapolis fans At Ruoff Music center.
After 55 minutes of of non stop songs he ended his performance with his gospel rendition of Ill fly away and I saw the light which brought tears and chills to some of the crowd.
He kept his fans on their feet wanting more . The crowd was cheering and screaming and chanting Willie,Willie,Willie,
The band continued to play as he walked to the edge of the stage meeting and greeting his fans while shaking hands and signing autographs.
With a big smile on his face he turned to the crowd and gave a big long wave as he continued to thank his fans as he walked off stage
As the lights came on we wanted more Willie , we clapped and chanted Willie,Willie and whistled and yelled but it was obvious he was not coming back for an encore performance.
He and his band were already on the road again!
Willie and his band definitely did not disappoint me or the crowd !!
At 85 years young I was quite impressed by this Redheaded stranger and I was wishing he could have been able to Stay a little longer. .

By: Tommy Combs. June 23, 2018

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