Alt folk guitarist, songwriter-vocalist Bill Greenberg continues new releases after 25 year break

By on June 19, 2024

Alt folk guitarist, songwriter and vocalist Bill Greenberg recently began releasing again, nearly 25 years after the first and only album of his criminally overlooked band, Bill’s Band, called Basic Tracks. Inspired by the Russia/Ukraine conflict, Greenberg’s poignant first single in over two decades, aptly named “Ukraine” must have got his creative juices flowing again, because he’s set to release another single called “When I’m Stronger” later this year.

While Bill’s Band had a sort of an indie/folk fusion sound reminiscent of The Replacements, Greenberg’s musical talent, composition aptitude and storytelling brilliance meant he could make a impact in almost any genre he pleases. It’s obvious in the progression of Basic Tracks in songs like “To Believe” and “Swear to God” that Greenberg’s heart and soul were in post punk-style folk like Tom Waits and Neil Young. It should be no surprise that this stripped down, yet no less edgy style of folk is the direction he’s taking with his latest releases.

Released shortly after the war for Ukraine began in early 2022, “Ukraine” created a strong buzz for Greenberg, with many critics calling it an anthem for the war. With a strong political and philosophical sensibility, Greenberg’s storytelling chops are on full display in this updated version of a war protest song. Depicting a protagonist whose recent hard times have made him introspective and jaded, “Ukraine” is relatable not only to those suffering in the conflict but anyone who’s suffered alone.

Equally philosophical and desolate with a churlish glimmer of hope, “When I’m Stronger” is the same stripped down style with an edge as “Ukraine” but delves even deeper into ennui.

 “When I’m stronger” will never come. It’s a wish and a prayer.  You may have a vision of breaking out—but it’s  a hopeless dream.

This idea may seem dark and depressing, but in the stories he tells and the music he writes, there’s an obvious vein of respect and appreciation for the human condition. Like Waits or post punk counterparts Joy Division, the examining of the hopeless for Greenberg leads to purpose and, who knows? Maybe even redemption. It will be fascinating to see where Greenberg goes with his talent from the hopeless dream of “When I’m Stronger”, but here’s hoping it’s not away for another 25 years.


Artist Biography: Bill’s Band; release ‘Basic Tracks” on Spotify; musician, trial lawyer, Admitted US Sup Ct. etc. See my CV. Was in Europe and U.S with Bill’s Band-4 tours

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