Brynilde releases dark, magic-invoking new album, ‘The Sound of the Winter Sun’

By on June 29, 2022

Brynilde brings a boundless appetite for primordial philosophies and sounds on dark, magic-invoking new album “The Sound of the Winter Sun”, out now on streaming platforms. This Singer Songwriter’s unique signature sound can only be described as Melodic Rock with Ambient and New Age overtones, making the listening experience similar to Dead Can Dance or Kate Bush, perhaps with a heavier musical backing. Brynilde‘s powerful voice is appropriately otherworldly and used to passionate effect over the immersive, at times gothic instrumentation.

Although Brynilde‘s music is about ‘breaking free’, it’s not meant to be an easy ride. As such, “The Sound of the Winter Sun” conveys deep, at times painful emotions, displaying a much wider palette of human experience than most current music. Brynilde’s transformative compositions are closer to Nine Inch Nails than Enya, and that just makes the themes hit harder. On this intense collection, Brynilde brings a genuine seriousness and mystique to her artistry that is hard to come by.

About the Album:
Inspired by ancient wisdoms, folktales, antique symbols and alchemy, my songs explore different themes such as identity, courage, authenticity, addiction, and spirituality, with the overarching goal of breaking free.

1-    The Descent
2-    Priestess or Shieldmaiden
3-    The Red Shoes
4-    Ungracefully
5-    Hecate 
6-    Thorns
7-    Echos de Tonnerre 
8-    I See Beauty

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Artist Biography:
I had my first experience with music composition when I was a teenager and was playing the guitar. I recall it felt like a mystical experience; my fingers were animated by an external force and a melody came out from my guitar. It was an isolated incident though.  
In my quest to understand the world and reality, I took on a scientific career trajectory, leaving my artistic aspiration behind. Compelled to explore new horizons, I moved to the US in my mid-twenties. I was feeling off-balanced for years. Some events pushed me to the edge and forced me to reevaluate my life priorities. I bought a piano and started singing lessons. I also started to follow Buddhist philosophy, studied psychology, and learned about world mythologies.  

Inspired by ancient symbols, folktales, and alchemic processes, melodies and lyrics started emerging from my psyche. My first album, the Sound of the Winter Sun, was born. The artistic expression has been a tool to heal and free myself, exorcise some emotions, and feed my soul. My songs explore different themes, such as identity, courage, authenticity, addiction, individuation, reality, and spirituality, with the same overarching goal of breaking free from the chains of perceptions and emotional triggers.

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