Cass Clayton Band is back full of Fire and Brimstone with New Single, “We’re All Going Down”

By on July 7, 2022

Never a songwriter to turn a blind eye to injustice or hypocrisy, Colorado’s Cass Clayton is back with a strong look at false authority in her new release, “We’re All Going Down.”

 “In ‘We’re All Going Down’ I’m broaching a tough subject, and I have some concerns about the backlash. I don’t ever write something to be controversial, but it seems like I find interest in things that we’re not supposed to talk about. I wanted to write a song about false authority, because it’s a huge issue in the world. I have this huge part of me that won’t go along with the status quo, so this is close to home for me. But the song is also about taking a hard look at our own dark side and not hiding from it.”

The song transitions from old Mississippi Hill Country gospel music with heavy keyboards pulling you in, to Clayton’s smoky blues vocals and assertive guitar licks. Now it’s time to let the words seep into your consciousness. Her imagery is on point, close your eyes and you can see the preacher coming down a dusty road as the family sits on the front porch. The song picks up on the false narrative of the lost and the found, and Clayton delivers the lyrics with more than a bit of contempt. “Go along on your way, no soul saving here today.” So tasty. Her vocals are raw yet velvety, leading the instrumentation through highs and lows.

For a few years now Cass Clayton has been making noise in the Colorado music scene, both behind the microphone and behind the scenes. The Cass Clayton Band’s 2019 album, Play Nice, was the #1 R&B Album in the U.S. for 11 weeks in 2019/20, as well as reaching #1 on the Top 50 Colorado Album Chart in 2020. Always involved in helping area musicians find their way in the business, during the early days of the pandemic, Cass worked tirelessly trying to connect all facets of the industry in an effort to keep the entire music scene functioning.

“We’re All Going Down” is the first release off the band’s third album which is now in production.

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