Folk Punk Revolutionaries Erik & the Worldly Savages release new EP “FUTURE THUNDER VOID”

By on March 9, 2023

Folk Punk Revolutionaries Erik & the Worldly Savages are on a solemn quest to uplift the masses as they prepare to release new EP “FUTURE THUNDER VOID” March 7th. Having recently played a series of frontier pushing live shows in Thailand, the band will continue it’s forward momentum by supporting this release with an extensive European tour in April along with Balkan Folk Punk pioneers Kultur Shock.

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“Embrace the Void. Don’t chase the noise.” – Embrace the VOID

Following their 2022 EP release “Break Free”“FUTURE THUNDER VOID” further evolves the Worldly Savages gritty signature sound and showcases Erik Mut’s ability to channel complex universal themes and relatable, sometimes difficult emotions into song. Although Erik often sings about the experience of feeling like an outsider, he practices what he preaches when it comes to fearlessly cutting through the mire and following his heart. Unabashedly passionate and raw in delivery, “FUTURE THUNDER VOID” reveals a vibrant punk heart sustained by a bitches brew of fiery international influences. This is what putting yourself out there without reservation sounds like.

Project Founder Erik Mut is a man on a mission, having broken the shackles of Western society and trailblazed his own path of rebellion, adventure, leadership and musical passion. His powerful Folk Punk project Erik & the Worldly Savages musically and lyrically reflects his manifest philosophy of seeking personal freedom, cutting ties with the past, reprogramming your mind and embracing life wholeheartedly. 

An expat since 2008, Erik left his home in Toronto, Canada at the age of 25 to let the cultures of the world wash over him, inspiring his life, work and music. Erik & the Worldly Savages formed in 2008 while Erik was in Belgrade, Serbia. While based in London and Belgrade, the band played over 250 shows across Europe with lineups of musicians from many countries. In 2016 he started Support Adventure, a company which gives remote jobs to expats and digital nomads, now with more than 160 staff members living in over 20 different countries, creating a business manifestation of the band’s message of trans culturalism.

Erik & the Worldly Savages raise a voice for all those who dream of permanently travelling the world. This is counterculture music at its finest, breaking cultural boundaries. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling trapped in normality and filled with an urge to get more out of your life, Erik’s music will seep into your very being.

“Written in Thailand and Mexico, Future Thunder Void takes place after the events of the previous “Break Free” EP. It describes the different sensations and feelings of a nomadic life in the modern world. It shows you how confusing, empowering and hopeful it can be. The single “Thunder In Our Hearts” covers what it means to recognize your own individuality and how it feels to broadcast that to the world; it speaks to those who believe in embracing the beat of their own drum without sacrificing success. It celebrates finding new, authentic ways of being fully in one’s own ultimate lifestyle.” – Erik Mut

“FUTURE THUNDER VOID” hit streaming platforms on March 7th.

Musician Names/Instruments:
Erik Mut – Guitar/Vocals
Milan Yeqy Jejina – Drums
Caspar Wijnberg – Bass
Dusan Murisic – Trumpet
Luka Lopicic – Accordion
Milan Jeftic – Sax
Gojko Maric – Guitar
Milan Djordjevic – Guitar

Producer Name(s): Caspar Wijnberg


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Artist Biography:
Enamoured by the Balkans, Canadian singer-songwriter Erik Mut left his home town of Toronto in2008 to live in Belgrade, Serbia. Inspired by the culture and sounds of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, he started Worldly Savages in Belgrade, ultimately making a touring band which made crowds dance and scream all over Europe with their contagious folk punk energy playing over 250 shows across the continent. 
Worldly Savages is lively, entertaining music with a message: Go beyond your culture and explore the world. Break Free from your society. As a long term expat needing a way to pay for his life in Belgrade, Erik also started his company Support Adventure in 2016, helping expats live abroad and work online in the tech industry while living in places which inspire them, a business which mushrooms on the same message the band does (in a business which now employs over 180 people): go beyond your culture.

Representing the growing population of digital nomads who have ditched the West for the destinations they like best, Erik sings a message which radiates
the glory of internationalism and following your passion for travel and trans-cultural experiences. The songs go deep into essence of being a global citizen, providing a nuanced perspective, including songs about the dark side; reflecting on topics like loneliness, alienation and cultural displacement.

The contradictory senses of isolation and curiosity which make one become an expat and depart on a global journey in the first place are fully expressed here. This intense journeyman singer-songwriter music is as likely to make you get up and dance as it is to make you ponder the glorious possibilities of life beyond borders.

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