Geoff Gibbons “Rollin’ Free” with a “Fall Girl”

By on October 25, 2018
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There’s never a bad time for a new road trip song and so Americana-folk singer-songwriter Geoff Gibbons has provided two for this autumn, when the days of long summer drives are fading into a muted colored memory. For those of us not yet ready to concede to perpetual darkness and winter gloom, take a listen to “Rollin’ Free,” the first released follow-up to Gibbons 2017 full-length album Buffalo Hotel.

“Rollin Free” is truly the definition of a road trip song. The lyrics tell the tale of defeated dreams and the promise of new ones. The video enhances the theme by way of a dash cam which shows a wide open road with beautiful vistas. The wide-open feel of the scenery mirrors the feel of the song; lots of empty spaces where you fill in your life with new dreams and new experiences.

Gibbons, who is based out of Vancouver, continues to paint wonderful imagery in his songwriting and “Rollin’ Free” is no exception. There’s nothing fancy in his storytelling, just a glimpse into Act II, or Act III or Act V of life. Some days are better than others but there’s always that possibility that tomorrow will be a great one. Gibbons’ writing is truthful, it’s also free, easy, and fun.

The video for “Rollin Free” is also low-key. A lyric video just telling a story of looking forward by looking back. As Gibbons writes, “I got a picture in my pocket and a thousand miles to dream, another dream.” Who hasn’t felt that?


That much is also evident with his second release post Buffalo Hotel, “Fall Girl.”  Just imagine continuing on that road trip and thinking about that one girl from miles back. The one who was never going to be the growing old with love, but as Gibbons writes, “She likes sweaters when the days get cold, she like colors turning green to gold. She’s a fall girl but she’s never gonna fall for me.” Yep, he knows it, but that doesn’t mean that memory doesn’t keep you warm as the nights get cold. We’ve all been there and done that.

As with Buffalo Hotel, “Rollin’ Free” and “Fall Girl” were produced by John MacArthur Ellis, who together with Gibbons, constructed a couple of low-key tunes that roll along, making sure you appreciate the nuances of the music, the lyrics and life.

“Rollin Free” and “Fall Girl” are two more songs adding to that road trip mixtape. Grab you keys and take a listen.

Post by Kath Galasso @KatsTheory

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