Chamber-Rock Duo Mystery Loves Company Release Debut Single ‘If Heaven’

By on March 21, 2017
Mystery Loves Company

mystery loves company                                                       photo by Natasha Gorel

Mystery Loves Company is a Houston based duo offering a nod to chamber music, a nod to folk, and a taste of contemplation. In 2012, conservatory-trained cellist Maddy Herdeman and songwriter-guitarist Carlos Machado met at an open mic. While the pairing at first seemed unorthodox, the duo created a sound filled with a choral influence, incredible acoustics and somewhat profound lyrics.

As a songwriter, Carlos drew from his life growing up in Venezuela where safety and security were sometimes a gunshot away. His vision of the human struggle included his father evading bullets during a carjacking. After that incident the family moved to the U.S. and Carlos began writing about what he knew: culture, immigration, science and theology.

Mystery Loves Company is about to release Revolutions, a three song EP which will showcase their social consciousness and make you think about, among other things, your spirituality. That begins with their first release, “If Heaven.”


Depending on your upbringing, your view of the afterlife could be very different. For Carlos A. Machado, his childhood vision of heaven was that of a place in the sky where everyone stood around. Kind of a boring and scary place, it seemed to him. The song is open to interpretation, one could look at it as not really religion friendly, or one could see it as a directive to participate in every moment of your life, to enjoy every sunrise, to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

“If Heaven” is beautifully recorded. The richness of the cello combined with the layered choir vocals are wonderfully clear and powerful.

Revolutions is due for release April 7, 2017.  For a taste of the Mystery Loves Company sound, check out “If Heaven.”

Post by Kath Galasso @KatsTheory

Mystery Loves Company website


  • Carlos A. Machado (guitar, vocals, lyrics)
  • Madeline Herdeman (cello, vocals)
  • Jeremy Dudman (bass, MIDI)
  • Danny Patterson (drums)
  • Alauna Rubin (clarinet)
  • CHOIR: Cathy Herdeman, Kali Schiska, Christine Gerbode, and Madeline Herdeman
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