Singer-Songwriter Chris Bullinger Unveils “How To Bleed (Castle Sessions),” an Intimate Acoustic Rendition of His Critically Acclaimed Track

By on March 28, 2024

Stream “How To Bleed (Castle Sessions)” on all platforms HERE, and keep an eye out for new music in spring 2024

Poet and singer-songwriter Chris Bullinger has released “How To Bleed (Castle Sessions),” an acoustic reimagining of the title track from his latest full-length album, out now. This intimate version brings a new depth to the song, showcasing Chris’s soulful vocals and intricate guitar work. Recorded in the serene ambiance of the Castle Studios in Franklin, TN, this track not only highlights Bullinger’s past achievements but also paves the way for his future, as he prepares to release a bold slate of new material this year.

Chris Bullinger is a poet, singer-songwriter, and relentless observer of the human condition. His music, characterized by its depth of emotion and literary finesse, has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated global audience. With a career that spans over a decade, Chris’s work explores the themes of truth, empathy, and the rhythm of life, proving time and again that his voice is one that resonates with the core of human experience. With five critically acclaimed albums to his name, Chris has touched the hearts of listeners worldwide, amassing a dedicated following eager for his next revelation.
Chris Bullinger’s story is one of relentless pursuit of artistic truth, tempered by life’s experiences and the wisdom they impart. After over a decade in the solar energy industry, achieving success as an innovator and entrepreneur, Chris has turned his full attention back to his first love of music. With his roots in the Midwest, Chris’s music is imbued with the spirit of hard-luck, outlaw country singer-songwriters who have influenced him since his youth. His work is a reflection of life’s complexities, captured through the lens of his earnest, evocative songwriting.
Raised on a diet of Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, and Steve Earle, Chris crafts songs that blend observation, empathy, and rhythm into a tapestry of human emotion. His approach to songwriting mirrors his approach to life: with open-hearted observation and a rhythm that resonates with the universal human experience.
To date, Chris has recorded five critically acclaimed albums. His 2022 album, ‘True Rendition,’ and 2023’s ‘How to Bleed’ charted “#1 Added” on NACC Folk. He’s garnered 100k monthly listeners on Spotify, and over 2.8 million cumulative views across Vevo and YouTube. As a songwriter, Chris writes about truth more than fact. He believes the process of songwriting — and art in general — comprises three key components: observation, empathy, and rhythm. Accordingly, he is an astute observer of the human condition, often focusing on one key instant, empathizing with it, and then expanding that moment through rhythm.
The release of “How To Bleed (Castle Sessions)” is a moment for both reflection and anticipation. It represents a period of creative rebirth for Chris, a prelude to his upcoming project that promises to be a significant addition to his discography.

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