TJ Doyle Releases New Single ‘Unconditional’

By on October 12, 2016


It can be said that TJ Doyle is a throwback to another time. A time when music was born of the heart, the soul, and the mind. It can also be said that TJ Doyle is a modern musician determined to create songs with meaning, passion, and texture. Both statements are true.

Los Angeles based TJ Doyle is an artist who looks at the world while trying to understand the relationship we have with it. His first two albums, One True Thing and On The Horizon, explore the global connection, our relationship with nature and the world around us, and how in understanding them, we can better understand ourselves.

TJ Doyle working on new release

While Doyle is currently working on his third album, he has released its first single, “Unconditional.” With vocals reminiscent of Neil Young with a touch of Tom Petty thrown in, “Unconditional” offers a guitar line both sharp and fluid. As a result, the steely guitar juxtaposes quite interestingly against his, at times, almost ethereal voice.

The music sets a mood of uneasiness. A flowing melody is offset by a tinge of apprehension. Pulling both sides of a string, it works well. The musicians play tight and Doyle sets a nice tone for the upcoming release.

TJ Doyle websitetj-doyle-door

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