Death Party Playground releases “Love & Fidelity” off upcoming album ‘Little Joy’

By on October 24, 2019

Death Party Playground is an Ontario based band with a power-pop/alt-rock sounding new single that sets the stage for their upcoming legit debut full-length album. The single “Love & Fidelity,” along with most of the soon-to-be-released album Little Joy, was written by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Taylor. It’s fast and fun with lyrics that have more depth than you might expect. About the album’s lyrics, Taylor said “These songs squeeze a little joy out of a darker time. It’s trying to have fun in spite of it. It’s purposefully not letting something break you.”

Little Joy is set for release 1/17/20, and though the band has released material as singles and as a compilation album, Taylor considers Little Joy to be their debut album. Throughout the album there is a connecting feel and theme. Kind of a signature that they think of as a ‘catchy mix of romantic melodies that dance over a pumping and electrified rock-n-roll.’  

There are well executed harmonies that no doubt were helped through recording the album in a historical old church filled with natural acoustics and harmonic resonance. Taylor has an interesting quality in his voice, a cadence that makes it memorable and easy on the ears.

Take a listen to “Love & Fidelity”

Little Joy release date: January 17, 2020

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Death Party Playground:

  • Dylan F. Bravener (Bass, vocals)
  • Sam Hill (Drums, Bells, vocals)
  • David Bruneau (Organ, Piano, synth)
  • Kyle Taylor (Vocals, guitar, percussion, acoustic guitar)

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