In New Single, Happy Freuds Ask “Why”

By on February 6, 2020

It’s time to make another stop on our latest musical world tour. Leaving Russia in the rear view mirror, today’s entry takes us to Western Europe. Happy Freuds is a multinational band from Javea, Spain. The band: Swedish brothers, Teo and Victor Holmstrom (lead guitar/vocals and drums); Jack Hunter (England) on bass & lead vocals; Sergio Canadas (Spain) on guitar, take an old-school type approach to recording. Their intent is to keep their sound as live as possible, keeping the studio mechanics to a minimum.

Even as a bar band, they bypassed the expected covers, instead choosing to play originals or reworked classics.

Their new single, “Why,” was written by award winning Spanish poet and author, Fernando Garcin. A couple of years back, the band met Garcia and heard him perform “Why.”

From the band:

“Early December, we drove to Valencia to attend one of his first public performances in long time at a very small venue on the backstreets of Valencia. There Fernando performed WHY. Less than 24 hours later, back home in the studio, we played it more or less straight through and got it recorded. Low key production and yet, such a brilliant track.”

“Why” starts with crisp acoustic guitars and a clear, matter-of-fact vocal. Within the story of a break-up, the musical pace picks up slowly, lyrics reliving the past while hoping for the future. Three-quarters through, there’s an electric guitar solo that emphasizes the pain of loss.

The vocals which are more spoken than sung, create a one-sided conversation rather than a song. It’s as if you were at the other end of a phone call with a friend who’s hurting. Overall, it’s a bit haunting and the mood is not one with faith of a happy outcome. Interesting tune.

Take a listen.

Post by Kath Galasso @KatsTheory

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