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By on September 15, 2013

45 years ago today, only 3 of the Doors performed in Amsterdam, with the late Ray Manzarek on vocals.  As things seem to go in Amsterdam, friendly fans started handing band members various forms of narcotics — joints, pills, hash. In the DVD documentary ‘The Doors: Live in Europe 1968,’ the Airplane’s Grace Slick and Paul Kantner recall that while everyone else took maybe a hit of a joint and passed it on (or pocketed the stash for later), Morrison smoked and ingested everything handed to him that afternoon.


When it was time for the concert to start, Morrison was backstage, bleary-eyed and checking out Jefferson Airplane’s set. As the band launched into ‘Fantastic Plastic Lover,’ Morrison walked onstage and began dancing to the music. It wasn’t long before the drugs, the dancing, everything, hit him, and he toppled over. The band decided to go ahead with the gig, and Manzarek sang Morrison’s part.

Jim Morrison was a caricature on stage anyway, perfectly portrayed by Val Kilmer in the Oliver Stone movie.

Could just anyone take Morrison’s place?  Jimmy Fallon could, as you can see in this incredible video:

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