KasēoGems Haunting Cover of “I’m On Fire”

By on December 1, 2020

One of the countless losses of the COVID year of 2020 is the ability for creative artists to, well, create together. Months of social distancing have constructed a barrier to group inspiration, causing musicians especially, to think outside the box…or studio as the case may be.

KasēoGems, a duo out of Vancouver, have come together remotely to show imagination and inspiration can exist even during a lockdown. KasēoGems, comprised of singer songwriters Geoff Gibbons and Vicky Sjohall, have just released their first long-distanced collaboration with a cover of the Bruce Springsteen ’84 classic, “I’m On Fire.”

The KasēoGems version is stripped down to the basics. It’s acoustic with harmonies that bring out both sadness and passion. While the original created more heat, the KasēoGems take is much more haunting and dark. The mood of the song seems to parallel the feel of this year, the feel of missing life and longing for the times “before.”

The harmonies are so well done it’s almost unthinkable the song would have nearly as much impact if either artist had done it solo. Gibbons and Sjohall have used the time during lockdown to work on original songs as well as covers. It should be interesting to hear more of their joint efforts.

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