The Music Sounds Better with Whom?

By on October 22, 2019

New Award Wining Documentary Explores the Growing Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Music Experience

There can be no doubt that Artificial Intelligence increasingly affects our daily lives. Used in everything from finance and agriculture to education and industry, the uses of AI are looked at as benign and beneficial for the most part. However, AI can take on a sinister spin when used in programs like Deepfake, where videos can be manipulated for unethical reasons. One area where AI is deeply integrating with the human experience is in the creation of music.

The Music Sounds Better with Whom? Is a new documentary that explores the intersection of music and artificial intelligence, specifically with how technology impacts the music creator, listener, and society as a whole.

The short form documentary, directed by Chasson Gracie, has already picked up the Best Documentary Award at the Toronto Film Festival and is available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

When thinking about the effect of music on a human, the descriptions most often used are heart, soul, and spiritual connection. The beginning of the film questions the impact of AI in its ability to reach those touchpoints asking if we, as humans can’t define a soul, how can AI create it?

We are still some distance away from answering that question, but right now the use of AI in parts of the music industry is growing and being utilized to assist humans in the creation process.

 “Music is one of the most emotional experiences on earth but since the increasing impact of artificial intelligence, we’ve been subtly moving away from music’s more humanistic elements,” director Chasson Gracie asserts. “This documentary explores these issues.”

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