Vancouver Island-based Multi-Instrumentalist Marc Robichaud, AKA Mr Missy, showcases Americana, Blues, Folk, Rock, Country and Western Swing on new album “Looking For You”

By on June 8, 2023

Vancouver Island-based Multi-Instrumentalist Musician and Producer Marc Robichaud, AKA Mr Missy, showcases a rollicking fusion of Americana, Blues, Folk, Rock, Country and Western Swing on road trip-ready new album “Looking For You”. Whichever inspiration, subgenre or instrument Mr Missy draws on, his priority is to keep the music as real and live as possible. 

This organic approach to recording and performance shines through on “Looking For You”, giving the songs a vibrant rawness and fluidity missing in many modern releases. Thematically and lyrically, this album was crafted as a story and intended to be listened to front to back. Best described as a journey through ‘toughness and joy’, “Looking For You” tells the universal human tale of finding oneself.

The album Looking For You is the true story of one man not realizing what he was looking for was right in front of him. The One.” – Mr Missy

From the mischievous soul blues of “Drink to the Future” to the untethered western swing of “The Story” and folkish, reminiscent “When We were Young” “Looking for You” leads the listener on a journey that is over before you know it. Life.

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Musician Names/Instruments:
Mr Missy / Marc Robichaud: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Acoustic Piano, Organ 
Kenneth Ermter: Backing Vocals, Percussion, Kennywhistle 
Robert Vail Grant: Drums, co-write on Drink to the Future
Todd Sacerty: Bass
Joel Spillette: Organ
Rick Salt: Baritone Guitar
Deborah Pitre: Backing Vocals, Duet on Tumbled Up In Love 
Featuring Tina Jones on Drink To the Future
Producer Name(s):Marc Robichaud and Rick Salt known collectively as Budsy LeDog
Recorded and mastered at Mountain View Studio in Nanaimo BC by Rick Salt

Looking For You 
When We were Young
You’re Way or The Highway ( Marc Robichaud/Lindsey Martell )
The Story
Tumbled Up In Love ft Deborah Pitre
Drink To The Future ft Tina Jones ( Marc Robichaud/ Robert Vail Grant )
Porch Light
It’s On you
Next To You

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Artist Biography:
Mr Missy is Canadian singer songwriter Marc Robichaud’s alter ego. For 12 years Marc Robichaud was a professional guitarist for hire playing in corporate show bands, blues and jazz festivals. Marc took a 15 year hiatus from the music business to work as a carpenter but is back with a vengeance.

Singer songwriter Marc Robichaud grew up as an army brat and as a result as lived alternately on both coasts and the prairies before the age of twelve. Ending up on Vancouver Island Marc played everywhere he could learn but eventually the grind of being a professional guitarist took its toll and he left the music business to become a carpenter but could not escape the siren call of music.

Mr Missy is a roots, blues, americana artist that writes thoughtful and lowdown music made with real instruments. Whether live or in the studio Mr Missy always strives for a unique performance in the moment. Music is alive and Mr Missy intends to keep it that way.

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