Live Nation’s new “Fast Pass” for security

By on August 11, 2016

LNLive Nation is teaming up with IdentoGo to introduce a new opportunity for event-goers to bypass long security lines by signing up for a pre-screening program much like the TSA’s Pre-check program that allows travelers to skip the security lines in airports. IdentoGo is the company behind that process as well and are now bringing the template to festivals and live music events.

According to Pollstar, the Live Nation/IdentoGo collaboration started late last month at the Watershed Festival in Quincy, WA, and they are set to have sign-ups at over 20 events so far. Fans will be able to complete the pre-screen process at the events instead of at the designated enrollment centers for TSA Pre-check, places which can have long waits before getting approved, and the enrollment will be effective for both Live Nation events and airports. Pollstar says the program runs till the end of this year but will continue if everything goes to plan.

To sign up, fans will need to bring a government-issued ID and proof of citizenship, along with the usual $85 fee for a five-year enrollment. Participants are given a nine-digit ID number which can be used to bypass concert and airport security. Events set to house sign-up booths include the Meadows Festival in Queens and the Route 91 Harvest Country Fest in Las Vegas, and participating venues include Dallas’ Gexa Energy Pavilion, Atlanta’s Lakewood Amphitheatre and West Palm Beach, FL’s Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre.

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